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The greatest need of our time is leaders with a difference. There is a high demand of exceptional people who can lead themselves, Families, Church, Schools, Teams, Other Leaders, Communities, Organizations and Nations into fulfilment of Greater Purpose with Destinies Impacting Vision and Values that Honours God. The World is Leadership malnourished, desperate for Good, Godly Leaders. Therefore, at Purpose Reminder Leadership Academy, we are passionate about raising leaders of Character, Competence and Courage for National and Global Transformation.

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This platform will provide coaching opportunity where you will get deeper insights for unique leadership.

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The Purpose Reminder Leadership Academy is a 6-month program which gathers emerging and serving leaders together in an atmosphere of development and expansion of capacity.


Training Contact takes place every First and Third Saturday of the month. The Second Saturday of the Month offers one live session contact through the Closed-Facebook Group exclusively created for PRELA members.

PRELA Monthly Portrait

We will like to share the key basics of PRELA monthly program activities. The portraits will be:

LEADERSHIP Resource Group

Every member of PRELA must belong to what we call LRG. The purpose of this group is to meet the demand of continuous exploring learning opportunities after the formal classes have ended. This Leadership Resource Group will be made of peers who are able to provide a regular forum in which to extend learning, share successes, and solve professional problems. The participants will share similar learning experiences through the modules.

Live Video Training Contact

Every second Saturday, we will stream module two training which will be exclusively created for those in our program through Facebook closed group

IDEA session

The IDEA session stands for Innovation, Development, Enthusiasm and Application. This session will hold once in a month by introducing experienced leaders to share the practical secrets of success in various aspects of leadership.

Leadership Training Contacts

Three Saturdays each month, the first and third Saturdays will be for trainings, workshops and assessments. While the last Saturdays will be for Leadership Coaching. Members of PRELA will have direct contact of Dynamic Leadership Training with seasoned and qualified instructors.

For Emerging Leaders

If you are looking to gain membership, start or grow a business, expand your leadership skills, or desire spiritual or vocational discernment, this is for you.

Current four LRG running in PRELA.

After successful completion of the 12 courses, leaders earn a Certificate in Leadership from the Purpose Reminder Leadership Academy.

13 Years of Experience

It’s our delight to give everyone the opportunity to be part of PRELA, to help people lead with Character, Competence and Courage for National and Global Impact

Quote For Leaders

The greatest need of our time is leaders with a difference.

When the Leader in everyone is liberated extraordinary things happen.

It is not just enough to be a learner. There must be a proof of what such investment has done in our lives.